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About Us

Hangzhou KONUS precision tools co., LTD. (KONUS), headquartered in xiaoshan, hangzhou, is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the research and development, production, sales and technical services of cutting tools.We were founded in 2009.Now we have offices in several province of China, and our products have been expanded to the southeast Asian and Japanese markets in addition to the domestic market.

With the development concept of advocating innovation and pursuing excellence, we have established and improved the modern management system, set up the world's leading cutting tool production line, and have a large number of international precision processing equipment and testing instruments....Learn more

Product Center
Solid carbide tool
PCD tool
ISO boring tool
Hydraulic chucks
PCD&PCBN insert
Non-standard blade and profiled tool
  • Cylinder block

    In order to reduce the weight of the engine, increase the heat dissipation effect of the engine and further improve fuel eco...

  • Cylinder head

    The cylinder head mounted on the cylinder body is in contact with the high-temperature and high-pressure gas, and the requir...

  • Transmission case

    It is die-cast with high silicon aluminum and is equipped with important components such as clutch, flywheel set, starter mo...

  • Valve body

    The valve body is commonly used in various types of hydraulic parts. The mating surface often requires a smooth surface and ...

  • ABS body

    Anti-lock braking system can improve the safety factor of emergency braking of vehicles when driving. ABS valve body is the ...

  • Traction motor

    Compared with DC motors, AC traction motors are simple, reliable, small in size and light in weight. They are more suitable ...

  • Motor Housing

    The electric steering control unit receives the data of the sensor and controls the operation of the assisting motor accordi...

  • Steering rack housing

    The long casing is a vital component in the steering system, which is used to fix the rack and pinion, increase the force tr...

  • Brake caliper

    The brake system allows a series of specialized devices that can be forced to reduce the speed of the car. The brake system ...

  • Subframe

    The sub-frame is not a complete frame, but only supports the front and rear axles, the hanging brackets, and the suspension ...